Rise of the Crypt V

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It's 2023 and time for the 5th round of Rise of the Crypt. So „skin your carcasses, stab your eyes“ and beware! This time we have prepared a deathly feral mayhem for you. From the deepest and darkest ossuary 4 bands will drill a grimy mess of Death, Black, Thrash Metal and Metallic Hardcore into your adrifting souls. Join the chaos, immerse yourself in a distinctive location in a gloomy citadel and for sure: There will be no remorse!

„Nothing but a fucking void.“ What a figure of speech Chaver comes along while ranging fierce riffs and chants of frustration from rapid Death Metal, heavy Hardcore, fast D-Beat, harsh Sludge to earie Black Metal parts. The three-piece band from Leipzig already made extensive tours over all the european continent. Chaver exists since 2016 and released two EPs and two albums. The development of their own musical style makes them indispensable as an interface between metal and hardcore in the scene. They are not afraid to break new grounds and share the stage with 3 other exceptional bands. Get ready to smash the everyday blues.

Kriegszittern from Mühlheim are doing morbid and ancient Death Metal which reminds on Bolt Thrower, Benediction or Autopsy and of course - the well known 90’s era. Their sound comes along in a raw and crusty way, which makes you wanna smash a morning star against a wall. The lyrics are about War, Death, Loss and Sacrifice and merge deeply with the overall package. They released several demos, a split with mighty Minenfeld, compilations and an album. We’re ready to rip off our remains while the band presents their Flamethrower Set.

From the abyss of the filthy Silesian Streets some perverted Thrash/ Death beast slinks its way to our crypt. The beast called SexMag already shown its sharp claws with two demos, the debut EP „Sex Metal“ and a live album „Alive Bytom“. The concept of filthy Silesian Metal, inspired by ‘80s proto-black metal and the vilest thrash, strikes hell. In memoriam to Destruction, Sepultura, Venom, Tormentor, Sarcófago, Master’s Hammer, and Violent Force, but with a idiosyncratic noise. Take your metal chains and leather jackets and prepare to be bound and gagged on the gallows in the basement of obsession.

Hierophant from Ravenna, founded in 2009, have made a marvellous development in the years of their existence. From the release of their self-titled first album in 2010 to the current album "Death Siege" from 2022, Hierophant continues to prove their extraterrestrial mutability. Originally described as a "vicious" and "hardcorish" blend of Blackened Sludge and Death Metal, the album evolved into a significant blend of Black and Death Metal. Misanthrophy and endless void also cross their lyrical paths to controlled chaos. Let’s spread the „Seeds of Vengeance“ together.


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Diese Veranstaltung ist bereits abgelaufen.

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